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Noniterative Design of 2-Channel FIR Orthogonal Filters


This paper addresses the problem of obtaining an explicit expression of all real FIR paraunitary filters. In this work, we present a general parameterization of 2-channel FIR orthogonal filters. Unlike other approaches which make use of a lattice structure, we show that our technique designs any orthogonal filter directly, with no need of iteration procedures. Moreover, in order to design an-tap 2-channel paraunitary filterbank, it suffices to choose independent parameters, and introduce them in a simple expression which provides the filter coefficients directly. Some examples illustrate how this new approach can be used for designing filters with certain desired properties. Further conditions can be eventually imposed on the parameters so as to design filters for specific applications.


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Correspondence to M. Elena Domínguez Jiménez.

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  • Information Technology
  • Explicit Expression
  • Quantum Information
  • Lattice Structure
  • Independent Parameter