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Channel Equalization in Filter Bank Based Multicarrier Modulation for Wireless Communications


Channel equalization in filter bank based multicarrier (FBMC) modulation is addressed. We utilize an efficient oversampled filter bank concept with 2x-oversampled subcarrier signals that can be equalized independently of each other. Due to Nyquist pulse shaping, consecutive symbol waveforms overlap in time, which calls for special means for equalization. Two alternative linear low-complexity subcarrier equalizer structures are developed together with straightforward channel estimation-based methods to calculate the equalizer coefficients using pointwise equalization within each subband (in a frequency-sampled manner). A novel structure, consisting of a linear-phase FIR amplitude equalizer and an allpass filter as phase equalizer, is found to provide enhanced robustness to timing estimation errors. This allows the receiver to be operated without time synchronization before the filter bank. The coded error-rate performance of FBMC with the studied equalization scheme is compared to a cyclic prefix OFDM reference in wireless mobile channel conditions, taking into account issues like spectral regrowth with practical nonlinear transmitters and sensitivity to frequency offsets. It is further emphasized that FBMC provides flexible means for high-quality frequency selective filtering in the receiver to suppress strong interfering spectral components within or close to the used frequency band.


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