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Motion Entropy Feature and Its Applications to Event-Based Segmentation of Sports Video

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20082008:460913

  • Received: 17 January 2008
  • Accepted: 14 July 2008
  • Published:


An entropy-based criterion is proposed to characterize the pattern and intensity of object motion in a video sequence as a function of time. By applying a homoscedastic error model-based time series change point detection algorithm to this motion entropy curve, one is able to segment the corresponding video sequence into individual sections, each consisting of a semantically relevant event. The proposed method is tested on six hours of sports videos including basketball, soccer, and tennis. Excellent experimental results are observed.


  • Video Sequence
  • Change Point
  • Object Motion
  • Full Article
  • Point Detection

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Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, 701, Taiwan
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin Madison, Madison, WI 53706, USA


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