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Near-Field Source Localization by Using Focusing Technique


We discuss two fast algorithms to localize multiple sources in near field. The symmetry-based method proposed by Zhi and Chia (2007) is first improved by implementing a search-free procedure for the reduction of computation cost. We present then a focusing-based method which does not require symmetric array configuration. By using focusing technique, the near-field signal model is transformed into a model possessing the same structure as in the far-field situation, which allows the bearing estimation with the well-studied far-field methods. With the estimated bearing, the range estimation of each source is consequently obtained by using 1D MUSIC method without parameter pairing. The performance of the improved symmetry-based method and the proposed focusing-based method is compared by Monte Carlo simulations and with Crammer-Rao bound as well. Unlike other near-field algorithms, these two approaches require neither high-computation cost nor high-order statistics.

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He, H., Wang, Y. & Saillard, J. Near-Field Source Localization by Using Focusing Technique. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2008, 461517 (2008).

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  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Quantum Information
  • Source Localization
  • Computation Cost
  • Signal Model