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Smart Antenna UKM Testbed for Digital Beamforming System

  • Mohammad Tariqul Islam1Email author,
  • Norbahiah Misran1, 2 and
  • Baharudin Yatim1
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20092009:128516

Received: 4 May 2008

Accepted: 6 January 2009

Published: 12 February 2009


A new design of smart antenna testbed developed at UKM for digital beamforming purpose is proposed. The smart antenna UKM testbed developed based on modular design employing two novel designs of L-probe fed inverted hybrid E-H (LIEH) array antenna and software reconfigurable digital beamforming system (DBS). The antenna is developed based on using the novel LIEH microstrip patch element design arranged into uniform linear array antenna. An interface board is designed to interface to the ADC board with the RF front-end receiver. The modular concept of the system provides the capability to test the antenna hardware, beamforming unit, and beamforming algorithm in an independent manner, thus allowing the smart antenna system to be developed and tested in parallel, hence reduces the design time. The DBS was developed using a high-performance floating-point DSP board and a 4-channel RF front-end receiver developed in-house. An interface board is designed to interface to the ADC board with the RF front-end receiver. A four-element receiving array testbed at 1.88–2.22 GHz frequency is constructed, and digital beamforming on this testbed is successfully demonstrated.

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Institute of Space Science (ANGKASA), National University of Malaysia
Department of Electrical, Electronics & System Engineering, National University of Malaysia


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