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Table 1 Computational scheme for implementing the POCS-regularized RSF and RASF algorithms.

From: Experiment Design Regularization-Based Hardware/Software Codesign for Real-Time Enhanced Imaging in Uncertain Remote Sensing Environment

(i) Data acquisition
(ii) Formation of the current RS correlation data matrix Y(4)
(iii) Specification of the observation noise correlation model
(iv) Specification of the POCS model parameters
(v) Specification of the POCS operator components
(vi) Specification of the azimuth-range SFOs
(vii) Computations of the azimuth-range PSMs (25)
(viii) Formation of the azimuth-range POCS operators see(31)
(ix) Formation of the MSF image L (30)
(x) Iterative POCS-RSF image enhancement (using (32)) with the robust updating () of the iterative reconstruction operator (27)
(xi) Iterative POCS-RASF image reconstruction (using (32)) employing the adaptive updating () of the iterative reconstruction operator (27)
(xii) Termination of the iteration procedures
(xiii) Image enhancement/reconstruction performance analysis using the adopted quality metrics.