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Table 1 BER of LB MIMO with BPSK Modulation.

From: Channel Equalization for Single Carrier MIMO Underwater Acoustic Communications

Packet index Uncoded BER of Tx 1 Uncoded BER of Tx 2 Uncoded BER of Tx 1 and 2 BER after STTC decoding
1 2.800e-3 4.178e-3 3.489e-3 2.000e-4
2 4.237e-4 1.695e-4 2.966e-4 0
3 1.556e-3 9.333e-4 1.244e-3 1.111e-4
4 1.316e-4 5.482e-4 3.399e-4 0
5 2.412e-4 1.096e-4 1.695e-4 6.579e-5
6 4.240e-5 1.271e-4 8.475e-5 0
7 8.114e-4 5.044e-4 6.579e-4 6.579e-5
8 1.059e-4 6.360e-5 8.475e-5 0
Mean 7.645e-4 8.294e-4 7.954e-4 5.533e-5