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Table 4 BER of HB MIMO with BPSK Modulation.

From: Channel Equalization for Single Carrier MIMO Underwater Acoustic Communications

Packet index Uncoded BER of Tx 1 Uncoded BER of Tx 2 Uncoded BER of Tx 1 and 2 BER after STTC decoding
1 1.190e-4 1.212e-3 6.656e-4 1.082e-4
2 9.740e-5 7.359e-4 4.167e-4 0
3 1.840e-4 1.190e-3 6.872e-4 7.576e-5
4 7.325e-3 7.993e-3 7.659e-3 1.064e-3
5 6.494e-5 1.027e-2 5.168e-3 4.361e-3
6 1.447e-2 2.103e-2 1.775e-2 2.597e-4
Mean 3.710e-3 7.072e-3 5.391e-3 9.781e-4