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Mean-Square Performance Analysis of the Family of Selective Partial Update NLMS and Affine Projection Adaptive Filter Algorithms in Nonstationary Environment


We present the general framework for mean-square performance analysis of the selective partial update affine projection algorithm (SPU-APA) and the family of SPU normalized least mean-squares (SPU-NLMS) adaptive filter algorithms in nonstationary environment. Based on this the tracking performance of Max-NLMS, N-Max NLMS and the various types of SPU-NLMS and SPU-APA can be analyzed in a unified way. The analysis is based on energy conservation arguments and does not need to assume a Gaussian or white distribution for the regressors. We demonstrate through simulations that the derived expressions are useful in predicting the performances of this family of adaptive filters in nonstationary environment.

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Correspondence to Mohammad Shams Esfand Abadi.

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  • Information Technology
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