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Cryptanalysis of a New Signal Security System for Multimedia Data Transmission


Recently, a new signal security system called TDCEA (two-dimensional circulation encryption algorithm) was proposed for real-time multimedia data transmission. This paper gives a comprehensive analysis on the security of TDCEA. The following security problems are found: (1) there exist some essential security defects in TDCEA; (2) two known-plaintext attacks can break TDCEA; (3) the chosen-plaintext and chosen-ciphertext versions of the aforementioned two known-plaintext attacks can break TDCEA even with a smaller complexity and a better performance. Some experiments are given to show the security defects of TDCEA and the feasibility of the proposed known-plaintext attacks. As a conclusion, TDCEA is not suitable for applications that require a high level of security.

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Li, C., Li, S., Chen, G. et al. Cryptanalysis of a New Signal Security System for Multimedia Data Transmission. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2005, 962703 (2005).

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