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Analysis of the IHC Adaptation for the Anthropomorphic Speech Processing Systems


We analyse the properties of the physiological model of the adaptive behaviour of the chemical synapse between inner hair cells (IHC) and auditory neurons. On the basis of the performed analysis, we propose equivalent structures of the model for implementation in the digital domain. The main conclusion of the analysis is that the synapse reservoir model is equivalent in its properties to the signal-dependent automatic gain-control mechanism. We plot guidelines for creation of artificial anthropomorphic algorithms, which exploit properties of the original synapse model. This paper also presents a concise description of the experiments, which prove the presence of the positive effect from the introduction of the depicted anthropomorphic algorithm into feature extraction of the automated speech recognition engine.

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Ivanov, A.V., Petrovsky, A.A. Analysis of the IHC Adaptation for the Anthropomorphic Speech Processing Systems. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2005, 492945 (2005).

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