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Active Optical Lattice Filters

  • L. Roberts Hunt1Email author,
  • Vishnupriya Govindan1,
  • Issa Panahi1,
  • Jian Tong1,
  • Govind Kannan1,
  • Duncan L. MacFarlane1 and
  • Gary Evans2
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20052005:979864

Received: 26 March 2004

Published: 30 June 2005


Optical lattice filter structures including gains are introduced and analyzed. The photonic realization of the active, adaptive lattice filter is described. The algorithms which map between gains space and filter coefficients space are presented and studied. The sensitivities of filter parameters with respect to gains are derived and calculated. An example which is relevant to adaptive signal processing is also provided.

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Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, USA
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA


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