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Design Verification and Performance Evaluation of an Enhanced Wideband CDMA Receiver Using Channel Measurements


The spatio-temporal array receiver (STAR) decomposes generic wideband CDMA channel responses across various parameter dimensions (e.g., time delays, multipath components, etc.) and extracts the associated time-varying parameters (i.e., analysis) before reconstructing the channel (i.e., synthesis) with increased accuracy. This work verifies the channel analysis/synthesis design of STAR by illustrating its capability to extract accurately the channel parameters (time delays and drifts, carrier frequency offsets, Doppler spread, etc.) from measured data and to adapt online to their observed time evolution in real-world propagation conditions. We also verify the performance of STAR by comparing the results achieved with generic and measured channels for an average multipath power profile of [] dB and a vehicular speed below 30 km/h. The results suggest that losses due to operations with real channels are only 1 dB in SNR and % in capacity with DBPSK and single transmit and receive antennas. The corresponding SNR threshold for operation with real channels is about 5 dB.

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Cheikhrouhou, K., Affes, S., Elderini, A. et al. Design Verification and Performance Evaluation of an Enhanced Wideband CDMA Receiver Using Channel Measurements. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2005, 530838 (2005).

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  • wideband CDMA
  • design verification
  • performance evaluation
  • channel measurements
  • analysis/synthesis
  • dynamic channel characterization.