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Perceptual Audio Hashing Functions


Perceptual hash functions provide a tool for fast and reliable identification of content. We present new audio hash functions based on summarization of the time-frequency spectral characteristics of an audio document. The proposed hash functions are based on the periodicity series of the fundamental frequency and on singular-value description of the cepstral frequencies. They are found, on one hand, to perform very satisfactorily in identification and verification tests, and on the other hand, to be very resilient to a large variety of attacks. Moreover, we address the issue of security of hashes and propose a keying technique, and thereby a key-dependent hash function.

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Özer, H., Sankur, B., Memon, N. et al. Perceptual Audio Hashing Functions. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2005, 658950 (2005).

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