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Robot Path Generation Method for a Welding System Based on Pseudo Stereo Visual Servo Control


A path generation method for robot-based welding systems is proposed. The method that is a modification of the method "teaching by showing" is supported by the recently developed pseudo stereovision system (PSVS). A path is generated by means of the target-object (TOB), PSVS, and the pseudo stereo visual servo control scheme proposed. A part of the new software application, called humanPT, permits the communication of a user with the robotic system. Here, PSVS, the robotic system, the TOB, the estimation of robot poses by means of the TOB, and the control and recording algorithm are described. Some new concepts concerning segmentation and point correspondence are applied as a complex image is processed. A method for calibrating the endpoint of TOB is also explained. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed system.

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Pachidis, T.P., Tarchanidis, K.N., Lygouras, J.N. et al. Robot Path Generation Method for a Welding System Based on Pseudo Stereo Visual Servo Control. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2005, 520734 (2005).

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