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A Consistent Design Methodology for Wireless Embedded Systems


Complexity demand of modern communication systems, particularly in the wireless domain, grows at an astounding rate, a rate so high that the available complexity and even worse the design productivity required to convert algorithms into silicon are left far behind. This effect is commonly referred to as the design productivity crisis or simply the design gap. Since the design gap is predicted to widen every year, it is of utmost importance to look closer at the design flow of such communication systems in order to find improvements. While various ideas for speeding up designs have been proposed, very few have found their path into existing EDA products. This paper presents requirements for such tools and shows how an open design environment offers a solution to integrate existing EDA tools, allowing for a consistent design flow, considerably speeding up design times.

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Belanović, P., Knerr, B., Holzer, M. et al. A Consistent Design Methodology for Wireless Embedded Systems. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2005, 405021 (2005).

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