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Teager-Kaiser Energy and Higher-Order Operators in White-Light Interference Microscopy for Surface Shape Measurement

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EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20052005:731636

  • Received: 10 November 2004
  • Published:


In white-light interference microscopy, measurement of surface shape generally requires peak extraction of the fringe function envelope. In this paper the Teager-Kaiser energy and higher-order energy operators are proposed for efficient extraction of the fringe envelope. These energy operators are compared in terms of precision, robustness to noise, and subsampling. Flexible energy operators, depending on order and lag parameters, can be obtained. Results show that smoothing and interpolation of envelope approximation using spline model performs better than Gaussian-based approach.

Keywords and phrases

  • Teager-Kaiser energy
  • higher-order operators
  • white-light interferometry
  • subsampling

Authors’ Affiliations

Université Louis Pasteur Laboratoire Phase, CNRS/STIC-UPR 292, 23 rue du Loess, BP 20, Strasbourg Cedex 2, 67037, France
IRENav, École Navale, Lanvéoc Poulmic, BP 600, 29240 Brest-Armées, France


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