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Laguerre-Volterra Filters Optimization Based on Laguerre Spectra

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20052005:391385

Received: 29 July 2004

Published: 23 October 2005


New batch and adaptive methods are proposed to optimize the Volterra kernels expansions on a set of Laguerre functions. Each kernel is expanded on an independent Laguerre basis. The expansion coefficients, also called Fourier coefficients, are estimated in the MMSE sense or by applying the gradient technique. An analytical solution to Laguerre poles optimization is provided using the knowledge of the Fourier coefficients associated with an arbitrary Laguerre basis. The proposed methods allow optimization of both the Fourier coefficients and the Laguerre poles.

Keywords and phrases

Volterra filtersLaguerre basisbasis selectionnonlinear system identification

Authors’ Affiliations

Laboratoire I3S, CNRS-UNSA, Les algorithmes-Bât, Sophia Antipolis Cedex, France
Laboratoire d'Electronique et Instrumentation, FSSM-UCAM, Marrakesh, Morocco


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