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SPAIDE: A Real-time Research Platform for the Clarion CII/90K Cochlear Implant


SPAIDE (sound-processing algorithm integrated development environment) is a real-time platform of Advanced Bionics Corporation (Sylmar, Calif, USA) to facilitate advanced research on sound-processing and electrical-stimulation strategies with the Clarion CII and 90K implants. The platform is meant for testing in the laboratory. SPAIDE is conceptually based on a clear separation of the sound-processing and stimulation strategies, and, in specific, on the distinction between sound-processing and stimulation channels and electrode contacts. The development environment has a user-friendly interface to specify sound-processing and stimulation strategies, and includes the possibility to simulate the electrical stimulation. SPAIDE allows for real-time sound capturing from file or audio input on PC, sound processing and application of the stimulation strategy, and streaming the results to the implant. The platform is able to cover a broad range of research applications; from noise reduction and mimicking of normal hearing, over complex (simultaneous) stimulation strategies, to psychophysics. The hardware setup consists of a personal computer, an interface board, and a speech processor. The software is both expandable and to a great extent reusable in other applications.

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