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A MUSIC-Based Algorithm for Blind User Identification in Multiuser DS-CDMA

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20052005:102032

Received: 29 July 2003

Published: 20 April 2005


A blind scheme based on multiple-signal classification (MUSIC) algorithm for user identification in a synchronous multiuser code-division multiple-access (CDMA) system is suggested. The scheme is blind in the sense that it does not require prior knowledge of the spreading codes. Spreading codes and users' power are acquired by the scheme. Eigenvalue decomposition (EVD) is performed on the received signal, and then all the valid possible signature sequences are projected onto the subspaces. However, as a result of this process, some false solutions are also produced and the ambiguity seems unresolvable. Our approach is to apply a transformation derived from the results of the subspace decomposition on the received signal and then to inspect their statistics. It is shown that the second-order statistics of the transformed signal provides a reliable means for removing the false solutions.

Keywords and phrases:

blinduser identificationCDMAMUSICmultiuser

Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Electrical Engineering, Concordia University


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