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Verification and Validation of a Fingerprint Image Registration Software

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EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20062006:015940

  • Received: 28 February 2005
  • Accepted: 21 October 2005
  • Published:


The need for reliable identification and authentication is driving the increased use of biometric devices and systems. Verification and validation techniques applicable to these systems are rather immature and ad hoc, yet the consequences of the wide deployment of biometric systems could be significant. In this paper we discuss an approach towards validation and reliability estimation of a fingerprint registration software. Our validation approach includes the following three steps: (a) the validation of the source code with respect to the system requirements specification; (b) the validation of the optimization algorithm, which is in the core of the registration system; and (c) the automation of testing. Since the optimization algorithm is heuristic in nature, mathematical analysis and test results are used to estimate the reliability and perform failure analysis of the image registration module.


  • Optimization Algorithm
  • Source Code
  • Quantum Information
  • Requirement Specification
  • Image Registration

Authors’ Affiliations

Lane Department of Computer Science and ElectricalEngineering, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506-6109, USA
Motorola Labs, Motorola Inc., Schaumburg, IL 60196, USA


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