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Frame-Based Multiple-Description Video Coding with Extended Orthogonal Filter Banks


We propose a frame-based multiple-description video coder. The analysis filter bank is the extension of an orthogonal filter bank which computes the spatial polyphase components of the original video frames. The output of the filter bank is a set of video sequences which can be compressed with a standard coder. The filter bank design is carried out by taking into account two important requirements for video coding, namely, the fact that the dual synthesis filter bank is FIR, and that loss recovery does not enhance the quantization error. We give explicit results about the required properties of the redundant channel filter and the reconstruction error bounds in case of packet errors. We show that the proposed scheme has good error robustness to losses and good performance, both in terms of objective and visual quality, when compared to single description and other multiple description video coders based on spatial subsampling. PSNR gains of 5 dB or more are typical for packet loss probability as low as 5%.


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