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Denoising Using Blind Source Separation for Pyroelectric Sensors

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20012001:456183

  • Received: 5 December 1999
  • Published:


This paper deals with a process of denoising based on a Blind Source Separation (BSS) method. This technique is inserted in an experimental device of nondestructive testing. Its excitation is a laser beam and its detectors are pyroelectric sensors. The latter are sensitive to the temperature. As they are also piezoelectric, they are particularly sensitive to the environmental noise. Therefore, it is necessary to denoise them. With this aim in view, a technique of blind source separation is implemented. One source corresponds to the incidental beam and the other sources are various noise. A judicious experimental device was designed in the laboratory. It fits to the requirements of the BSS technique, and it allows indeed a restoration of the incident signal.


  • blind source separation
  • denoising
  • pyroelectric sensor
  • multi-sensor
  • laser beam
  • humidity profile

Authors’ Affiliations

Faculté des Sciences, LAM, Moulin de la Housse, Reims Cedex 2, 51687, France


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