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Multi-Channel Sub-Band Speech Recognition


Two distinct fields of research into robust speech recognition are the use of microphone arrays for signal enhancement and the use of independent frequency sub-band models for robust recognition. In this article, we propose and investigate the integration of these two techniques on two different levels. First, a broad-band beamforming microphone array allows for natural integration with sub-band speech recognition as the beamformer is implemented as a combination of band-limited sub-arrays. Rather than recombining the sub-array outputs to give a single enhanced output, we fuse the output of separate hidden Markov models trained on each sub-array frequency band. Second, a dynamic sub-band weighting algorithm is proposed in which the cross- and auto-spectral densities of the microphone inputs are used to estimate the reliability of each frequency band. The proposed multi-channel sub-band system is evaluated on an isolated digit recognition task and compared to both a standard full-band microphone array system and a single channel sub-band system.

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McCowan, I.A., Sridharan, S. Multi-Channel Sub-Band Speech Recognition. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2001, 569196 (2001).

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  • microphone array
  • sub-band
  • beamforming
  • speech recognition