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Efficient Implementation of Nested-Loop Multimedia Algorithms

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A novel dependence graph representation called the multiple-order dependence graph for nested-loop formulated multimedia signal processing algorithms is proposed. It allows a concise representation of an entire family of dependence graphs. This powerful representation facilitates the development of innovative implementation approach for nested-loop formulated multimedia algorithms such as motion estimation, matrix-matrix product, 2D linear transform, and others. In particular, algebraic linear mapping (assignment and scheduling) methodology can be applied to implement such algorithms on an array of simple-processing elements. The feasibility of this new approach is demonstrated in three major target architectures: application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), field programmable gate array (FPGA), and a programmable clustered VLIW processor.

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Correspondence to Surin Kittitornkun.

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Kittitornkun, S., Hu, Y.H. Efficient Implementation of Nested-Loop Multimedia Algorithms. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2001, 269324 (2001) doi:10.1155/S1110865701000221

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  • dependence graph
  • systolic array
  • multiple-order
  • FPGA
  • VLIW