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Instantaneous Spectrum Estimation from Event-Based Densities


We present a method for obtaining a time-varying spectrum that is particularly suited when the data are in event-based form. This form arises in many areas of science and engineering, and especially in astronomy, where one has photon counting detectors. The method presented consists of three procedures. First, estimating the density using the kernel method; second, highpass filtering the manifestly positive density; finally, obtaining the time-frequency distribution with a modified Welch′s method. For the sake of validation event-based data are generated from a given distribution and the proposed method is used to construct the time-frequency spectrum and is compared to the original density. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the method.

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Galleani, L., Cohen, L., Nelson, D. et al. Instantaneous Spectrum Estimation from Event-Based Densities. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2002, 180621 (2002).

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  • time-frequency analysis
  • density estimation
  • kernel method