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Median and Morphological Specialized Processors for a Real-Time Image Data Processing


This paper presents the considerations on selecting a multiprocessor MISD architecture for fast implementation of the vision image processing. Using the author′s earlier experience with real-time systems, implementing of specialized hardware processors based on the programmable FPGA systems has been proposed in the pipeline architecture. In particular, the following processors are presented: median filter and morphological processor. The structure of a universal reconfigurable processor developed has been proposed as well. Experimental results are presented as delays on LCA level implementation for median filter, morphological processor, convolution processor, look-up-table processor, logic processor and histogram processor. These times compare with delays in general purpose processor and DSP processor.

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Wiatr, K. Median and Morphological Specialized Processors for a Real-Time Image Data Processing. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2002, 841742 (2002).

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  • image processing
  • median specialized processor
  • morphological specialized processor
  • real-time vision system