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Digital Watermarks Enabling E-Commerce Strategies: Conditional and User Specific Access to Services and Resources

  • Jana Dittmann1, 2Email author,
  • Martin Steinebach3,
  • Petra Wohlmacher4 and
  • Ralf Ackermann5
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20022002:498515

Received: 10 May 2001

Published: 14 February 2002


Digital watermarking is well known as enabling technology to prove ownership on copyrighted material, detect originators of illegally made copies, monitor the usage of the copyrighted multimedia data and analyze the spread spectrum of the data over networks and servers. Research has shown that data hiding techniques can be applied successfully to other application areas like manipulations recognition. In this paper, we show our innovative approach for integrating watermark and cryptography based methods within a framework of new application scenarios spanning a wide range from dedicated and user specific services, "Try&Buy" mechanisms to general means for long-term customer relationships. The tremendous recent efforts to develop and deploy ubiquitous mobile communication possibilities are changing the demands but also possibilities for establishing new business and commerce relationships. Especially we motivate annotation watermarks and aspects of M-Commerce to show important scenarios for access control. Based on a description of the challenges of the application domain and our latest work we discuss, which methods can be used for establishing services in a fast convenient and secure way for conditional access services based on digital watermarking combined with cryptographic techniques. We introduce an example scenario for digital audio and an overview of steps in order to establish these concepts practically.


new applications of multimedia data hidingdigital watermarkingconditional accesse-commerce

Authors’ Affiliations

FHG IPSI—Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Publication and Information Systems, Darmstadt, Germany
Platanista GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany
Fraunhofer Institute IPSI - C4M: Competence for Media Security, Darmstadt, Germany
Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts, Germany
Darmstadt University of Technology, Industrial Process and System Communications (KOM), Darmstadt, Germany


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