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Video Segmentation Using Fast Marching and Region Growing Algorithms


The algorithm presented in this paper is comprised of three main stages: (1) classification of the image sequence and, in the case of a moving camera, parametric motion estimation, (2) change detection having as reference a fixed frame, an appropriately selected frame or a displaced frame, and (3) object localization using local colour features. The image sequence classification is based on statistical tests on the frame difference. The change detection module uses a two-label fast marching algorithm. Finally, the object localization uses a region growing algorithm based on the colour similarity. Video object segmentation results are shown using the COST data set.

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Sifakis, E., Grinias, I. & Tziritas, G. Video Segmentation Using Fast Marching and Region Growing Algorithms. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2002, 721235 (2002).

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