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Design and DSP Implementation of Fixed-Point Systems


This article is an introduction to the FRIDGE design environment which supports the design and DSP implementation of fixed-point digital signal processing systems. We present the tool-supported transformation of signal processing algorithms coded in floating-point ANSI C to a fixed-point representation in SystemC. We introduce the novel approach to control and data flow analysis, which is necessary for the transformation. The design environment enables fast bit-true simulation by mapping the fixed-point algorithm to integral data types of the host machine. A speedup by a factor of 20 to 400 can be achieved compared to C++-library-based bit-true simulation. FRIDGE also provides a direct link to DSP implementation by processor specific C code generation and advanced code optimization.

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Coors, M., Keding, H., Lüthje, O. et al. Design and DSP Implementation of Fixed-Point Systems. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2002, 647678 (2002).

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  • fixed-point design
  • design methodology
  • data flow analysis
  • compiled simulation
  • code optimization