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Motion Pattern-Based Video Classification and Retrieval

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20032003:141352

Received: 25 March 2002

Published: 25 February 2003


Today′s content-based video retrieval technologies are still far from human′s requirements. A fundamental reason is the lack of content representation that is able to bridge the gap between visual features and semantic conception in video. In this paper, we propose a motion pattern descriptor, motion texture that characterizes motion in a generic way. With this representation, we design a semantic classification scheme to effectively map video clips to semantic categories. Support vector machines (SVMs) are used as the classifiers. In addition, this scheme also improves significantly the performance of motion-based shot retrieval due to the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of motion pattern descriptor and the semantic classification capability as shown by experimental evaluations.


motion pattern descriptorvideo classificationvideo retrievalmachine learning

Authors’ Affiliations

Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing Sigma Center, Beijing, China


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