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An Effective Technique for Enhancing an Intrauterine Catheter Fetal Electrocardiogram


Physician can obtain fetal heart rate, electrophysiological information, and uterine contraction activity for determining fetal status from an intrauterine catheters electrocardiogram with the maternal electrocardiogram canceled. In addition, the intrauterine catheter would allow physicians to acquire fetal status with one non-invasive to the fetus biosensor as compared to invasive to the fetus scalp electrode and intrauterine pressure catheter used currently. A real-time maternal electrocardiogram cancellation technique of the intrauterine catheters electrocardiogram will be discussed along with an analysis for the methods effectiveness with synthesized and clinical data. The positive results from an original detailed subjective and objective analysis of synthesized and clinical data clearly indicate that the maternal electrocardiogram cancellation method was found to be effective. The resulting intrauterine catheters electrocardiogram from effectively canceling the maternal electrocardiogram could be used for determining fetal heart rate, fetal electrocardiogram electrophysiological information, and uterine contraction activity.

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Horner, S.L., Holls, W.M. An Effective Technique for Enhancing an Intrauterine Catheter Fetal Electrocardiogram. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2003, 484018 (2003).

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  • fetal electrocardiogram
  • intrauterine catheter
  • scalp electrode
  • maternal electrocardiogram