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GA-Based Image Restoration by Isophote Constraint Optimization

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20032003:349873

Received: 27 July 2002

Published: 13 March 2003


We propose an efficient technique for image restoration based on a genetic algorithm (GA) with an isophote constraint. In our technique, the image restoration problem is modeled as an optimization problem which, in our case, is solved by a cost function with isophote constraint that is minimized using a GA. We consider that an image is decomposed into isophotes based on connected components of constant intensity. The technique creates an optimal connection of all pairs of isophotes disconnected by a caption in the frame. For connecting the disconnected isophotes, we estimate the value of the smoothness, given by the best chromosomes of the GA and project this value in the isophote direction. Experimental results show a great possibility for automatic restoration of a region in an advertisement scene.


image restoration genetic algorithm isophote constraint

Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Computer Engineering, Kyungpook National University


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