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Lapped Block Image Analysis via the Method of Legendre Moments

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20032003:624754

  • Received: 22 August 2002
  • Published:


Research investigating the use of Legendre moments for pattern recognition has been performed in recent years. This field of research remains quite open. This paper proposes a new technique based on block-based reconstruction method (BBRM) using Legendre moments compared with the global reconstruction method (GRM). For alleviating the blocking artifact involved in the processing, we propose a new approach using lapped block-based reconstruction method (LBBRM). For the problem of selecting the optimal number of moment used to represent a given image, we propose the maximum entropy principle (MEP) method. The main motivation of the proposed approaches is to allow fast and efficient reconstruction algorithm, with improvement of the reconstructed images quality. A binary handwritten musical character and multi-gray-level Lena image are used to demonstrate the performance of our algorithm.


  • Legendre moments
  • global image reconstruction method
  • block-based reconstruction method
  • maximum entropy principle
  • blocking artifact
  • lapped block-based reconstruction method

Authors’ Affiliations

Département de physique, Faculté des Sciences Dhar el Mehraz, Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, BP 1796, Atlas, Fès, Morocco


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