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Performance Estimation for Lowpass Ternary Filters

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20032003:494365

Received: 16 December 2002

Published: 20 November 2003


Ternary filters have tap values limited to , , or . This restriction in tap values greatly simplifies the multipliers required by the filter, making ternary filters very well suited to hardware implementations. Because they incorporate coarse quantisation, their performance is typically limited by tap quantisation error. This paper derives formulae for estimating the achievable performance of lowpass ternary filters, thereby allowing the number of computationally intensive design iterations to be reduced. Motivated by practical communications systems requirements, the performance measure which is used is the worst-case stopband attenuation.


  • ternary filter
  • performance estimation
  • FIR filter
  • stopband attenuation

Authors’ Affiliations

Dynamic Hearing Pty, Ltd., Richmond, Australia
School of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia


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