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Genomic Signals of Reoriented ORFs

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20042004:804941

  • Received: 14 March 2003
  • Published:


Complex representation of nucleotides is used to convert DNA sequences into complex digital genomic signals. The analysis of the cumulated phase and unwrapped phase of DNA genomic signals reveals large-scale features of eukaryote and prokaryote chromosomes that result from statistical regularities of base and base-pair distributions along DNA strands. By reorienting the chromosome coding regions, a "hidden" linear variation of the cumulated phase has been revealed, along with the conspicuous almost linear variation of the unwrapped phase. A model of chromosome longitudinal structure is inferred on these bases.


  • genomic signals
  • open reading frames
  • ORF orientation

Authors’ Affiliations

Biomedical Engineering Center, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei 313, Bucharest, 77206, Romania


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