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A Novel Pseudoerror Monitor


The error rate (ER) is a crucial criterion in evaluating the performance of a digital communication system. Many ER estimation methods have been described in the literature. Among them, the pseudoerror monitoring solution has attracted special attention due to its consistent performance in different environments and distinctive blind estimation capability, that is, estimating the ER without needing any prior knowledge of the transmitted information. In this paper, a novel pseudoerror monitor (PEM) design, the kernel PEM, is developed. Incorporating the strength of the probability density function (pdf) approximation technique, the proposed design has remarkable advantage of being able to produce statistically consistent ER estimate within a much shorter observation time. Simulation results are given in support of this claim.

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Wang, P., Ser, W. A Novel Pseudoerror Monitor. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2004, 904276 (2004).

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  • error rate estimation
  • pseudoerror monitor
  • density function approximation