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Maximum MIMO System Mutual Information with Antenna Selection and Interference


Maximum system mutual information is considered for a group of interfering users employing single user detection and antenna selection of multiple transmit and receive antennas for flat Rayleigh fading channels with independent fading coefficients for each path. In the case considered, the only feedback of channel state information to the transmitter is that required for antenna selection, but channel state information is assumed at the receiver. The focus is on extreme cases with very weak interference or very strong interference. It is shown that the optimum signaling covariance matrix is sometimes different from the standard scaled identity matrix. In fact, this is true even for cases without interference if SNR is sufficiently weak. Further, the scaled identity matrix is actually that covariance matrix that yields worst performance if the interference is sufficiently strong.

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Blum, R.S. Maximum MIMO System Mutual Information with Antenna Selection and Interference. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2004, 780265 (2004).

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