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Performance of Asynchronous MC-CDMA Systems with Maximal Ratio Combining in Frequency-Selective Fading Channels

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing20042004:358967

Received: 28 February 2003

Published: 7 September 2004


The bit error rate (BER) performance of the asynchronous uplink channel of multicarrier code division multiple access (MC-CDMA) systems with maximal ratio combining (MRC) is analyzed. The study takes into account the effects of channel path correlations in generalized frequency-selective fading channels. Closed-form BER expressions are developed for correlated Nakagami fading channels with arbitrary fading parameters. For channels with correlated Rician fading paths, the BER formula developed is in one-dimensional integration form with finite integration limits, which is also easy to evaluate. The accuracy of the derived BER formulas are verified by computer simulations. The derived BER formulas are also useful in terms of computing other system performance measures such as error floor and user capacity.

Keywords and phrases

MC-CDMAMRCasynchronous transmissioncorrelationsfading channels

Authors’ Affiliations

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University


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