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Design and Implementation of MC-CDMA Systems for Future Wireless Networks


The emerging need for high data rate wireless services has raised considerable interest in MC-CDMA systems. In this work, we describe an MC-CDMA system design process for indoor propagation scenarios. The system specifications and simulations are firstly given, and then implementation aspects on a mixed, multi-DSP and FPGA architecture are presented. In order to reduce development cycle, we propose the use of efficient design methodologies to improve development steps such as complexity evaluation, system distribution according to the architecture, and hardware-software code generation. Implementation results of the considered MC-CDMA system are then given.

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Le Nours, S., Nouvel, F. & Hélard, JF. Design and Implementation of MC-CDMA Systems for Future Wireless Networks. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2004, 371603 (2004).

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