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A Digital Synthesis Model of Double-Reed Wind Instruments


We present a real-time synthesis model for double-reed wind instruments based on a nonlinear physical model. One specificity of double-reed instruments, namely, the presence of a confined air jet in the embouchure, for which a physical model has been proposed recently, is included in the synthesis model. The synthesis procedure involves the use of the physical variables via a digital scheme giving the impedance relationship between pressure and flow in the time domain. Comparisons are made between the behavior of the model with and without the confined air jet in the case of a simple cylindrical bore and that of a more realistic bore, the geometry of which is an approximation of an oboe bore.

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Guillemain, P. A Digital Synthesis Model of Double-Reed Wind Instruments. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2004, 943842 (2004).

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  • double-reed
  • synthesis
  • impedance