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Multiresolution Motion Estimation for Low-Rate Video Frame Interpolation


Interpolation of video frames with the purpose of increasing the frame rate requires the estimation of motion in the image so as to interpolate pixels along the path of the objects. In this paper, the specific challenges of low-rate video frame interpolation are illustrated by choosing one well-performing algorithm for high-frame-rate interpolation (Castango 1996) and applying it to low frame rates. The degradation of performance is illustrated by comparing the original algorithm, the algorithm adapted to low frame rate, and simple averaging. To overcome the particular challenges of low-frame-rate interpolation, two algorithms based on multiresolution motion estimation are developed and compared on objective and subjective basis and shown to provide an elegant solution to the specific challenges of low-frame-rate video interpolation.

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Abdul Karim, H., Bister, M. & Siddiqi, M.U. Multiresolution Motion Estimation for Low-Rate Video Frame Interpolation. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2004, 204158 (2004).

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  • low-rate video frame interpolation
  • multiresolution motion estimation