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A Robust Orthogonal Adaptive Approach to SISO Deconvolution


This paper formulates in a common framework some results from the fields of robust filtering, function approximation with orthogonal basis, and adaptive filtering, and applies them for the design of a general deconvolution processor for SISO systems. The processor is designed to be robust to small parametric uncertainties in the system model, with a partially adaptive orthogonal structure. A simple gradient type of adaptive algorithm is applied to update the coefficients that linearly combine the fixed robust basis functions used to represent the deconvolver. The advantages of the design are inherited from the mentioned fields: low sensitivity to parameter uncertainty in the system model, good numerical and structural behaviour, and the capability of tracking changes in the systems dynamics. The linear equalization of a simple ADSL channel model is presented as an example including comparisons between the optimal nominal, adaptive FIR, and the proposed design.

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Doñate, P.D., Muravchik, C. & Cousseau, J.E. A Robust Orthogonal Adaptive Approach to SISO Deconvolution. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2004, 952720 (2004).

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Keywords and phrases

  • SISO deconvolution
  • robust filters
  • orthogonal basis
  • adaptive filters