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An Approximate Algorithm for Robust Adaptive Beamforming


This paper presents an adaptive weight computation algorithm for a robust array antenna based on the sample matrix inversion technique. The adaptive array minimizes the mean output power under the constraint that the mean square deviation between the desired and actual responses satisfies a certain magnitude bound. The Lagrange multiplier method is used to solve the constrained minimization problem. An efficient and accurate approximation is then used to derive the fast and recursive computation algorithm. Several simulation results are presented to support the effectiveness of the proposed adaptive computation algorithm.

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Yoshida, T., Iiguni, Y. An Approximate Algorithm for Robust Adaptive Beamforming. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2004, 574812 (2004).

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  • robust array antenna
  • Lagrange multiplier method
  • Taylor series approximation
  • direction of arrival