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Table 6 Execution times of algorithm steps in the three versions of the system for the HDMI2 test example

From: Automated optical inspection system for digital TV sets

Execution times on HDMI2 test example (in seconds)
Number Step Regular camera + PC DSP camera + PC DSP camera optimized
1 Test preparation 4.794 4.227 5.402
2 Image capture 8.593 2.035 1.997
3 TV screen extraction 6.271 6.271 3.940
4 Image comparison 0.514 0.514 0.333
  Total 20.172 13.047 11.672
  1. This table summarizes the execution times of several algorithm steps in three versions of the system for the HDMI2 test example. The bottleneck of the system is the TV screen extraction which execution time was significantly reduced in the DSP-based optimized version where the extraction is no longer the bottleneck. The time for image capture was also significantly reduced in the optimized version because the image is not transferred to the PC.