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Table 3 Some notations defined in the proposed FOSB-based tracking scheme

From: A reduced-complexity scheme using message passing for location tracking

funx(·) Transition function funz(·) Observation function
Variable node Factor node
x k + 1 | k ¯ ¯ x ˜ k + 1 One-step prediction x k | k ¯ ¯ x ^ k Best estimation
x k | k + 1 ¯ ¯ x k One-step fixed-lag smoothing s k Speed estimation
x k Location estimation z k Location observation
f Speed transition PDF f k Local speed transition PDF
g Location transition PDF g k Local location transition PDF
h Location observation PDF h k Local location observation PDF
l Refined speed observation PDF l k Local refined speed observation PDF
μ x→f (x) Message from variable node x to factor node f μ f→x (x) Message from factor node f to variable node x
The mean of μ s k f k + 1 ( s k ) Result of speed estimation at the kth state The mean of μ x k g k + 1 ( x k ) Result of location estimation at the kth state