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Table 1 Frequency modulated (FM) classes: linear FM (LFM), sinusoidal FM (SFM), piecewise linear FM (PWLFM), and hyperbolic FM (HFM)

From: Instantaneous frequency based newborn EEG seizure characterisation

Name IF law, f(t) Parameter set, Ψ
LFM f0 + f r t [f0, f r ]
SFM f c +mcos(2π f m t+θ) [f c , m, f m , θ]
PWLFM (α1 − α)|t − B1| + (α − α2)|t − B2| [α, α1, α2, B1, B2, f m ]
  + α1(t − B1) + α2(t − B2) + f m  
HFM f0 / (1 + f r t) [f0, f r ]