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Table 3 Select list of AM-FM applications in Biomedical Imaging

From: Recent multiscale AM-FM methods in emerging applications in medical imaging

Author Filterbank AM-FM Demodulation Method Medical Application
Fleet and Jepson 1990 [11] 3D Gabor filterbank See section 3.1. Motivated applications of motion estimation based on phase-based methods. See HARP method in [74].
Pattichis et al. 2000 [7] Gabor filterbank QEA Electron microscopy image segmentation
Maragos et al. 2002 [78] 1D Gabor filterbank ESA Doppler ultrasound spectroscopy resolution
Elshinawy et al. 2004 [75, 76] Gabor filterbank QEA and continuous-space demodulation Demonstrated AM-FM reconstructions of breast cancer images
Boudraa et al. 2006 [77]   Cross Ψ B energy operator Nuclear cardiac sequences for one normal and four abnormal cases
Alexandratou et al. 2006 [79] Gabor filterbank Vector-valued ESA for color images Ploidy image analysis (cancer).
Murray et al. 2007 [13] Dyadic 3D filterbank (optimal design) QEA + new AM and FM motion estimation Motion Estimation for Atheroscle-rotic Plaque videos compared against other Phased-based method
Murray et al. 2008 [8], Agurto et al. 2008 [85] and Barriga et al. [86] Dyadic 2D filterbank New VS-LLP method Retinal image analysis.
Pitris et al. 2009 [111113] Gabor QEA Optical coherence tomography.
Rodriguez et al. 2002-2006 [114116] Dyadic 2D filterbank QEA implementation using SIMD Cardiac applications including Wireless Transmission.
Gill et al. 2005 [117]   1D monocomponent AM-FM Detection and identification of heart sounds.
Ramachandran et al. 2001 [102, 109], Pattichis et al. 2002 [103] and Murray etal. 2009 [67, 68] Polynomial 2D filterbank [102, 103, 109] and Dyadic 2D fil-terbank (optimal design) [67, 68] Hilbert-based AM-FM Analysis of pneumoconiosis X-Ray images.
Nguyen et al. 2008 [91] 1D filters and Kalman filters 1D Hilbert based AM-FM Analysis of Electroencephalography.
Christodoulou et al. 2009 [80, 81] and Loizou et al. 2009 [82] Dyadic 2D filterbank New VS-LLP method Segmentation and classification in the carotid artery.
Belaid et al. [97] Quadrature filters [49] Monogenic Signal. Segmentation of ultrasound images.