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Table 2 MIREX 07-08 methods submitted for frame by frame (FBF) and note tracking (NT) evaluation

From: Efficient methods for joint estimation of multiple fundamental frequencies in music signals

Id Referenc es FBF NT Methodology
AC-07 [43] Unsupervised learning
CL-07 [18]   Iterative cancelation
CL-08 [44]   Iterative cancelation
YRC-07 [30]   Joint estimation
DRD-08 [45]   Iterative cancelation
EBD-07 [20] Statistical inference
EBD-08 [46] Statistical inference
EOS-08 [47] Statistical inference
EOS-07 [48] Statistical inference
MG-08 [49]   Database matching
PE-07 [34] Supervised learning
PI1-07 [1] Core method
PI2-07 [50]   Iterative cancellation
PI1-08   Extended method + tracking
PI2-08   Extended method
PL-07 [51]   Matching pursuit
RFF-08 [52] Supervised learning
RK-07 [17] Iterative cancellation + f0 tracking
RK-08 [17] Iterative cancellation + f0 tracking
SR-07 [53]   Unsupervised learning
VBB-07 [54] Unsupervised learning
VBB-08 [54] Unsupervised learning
YRC1-08 [37]   Joint estimation
YRC2-08 [37] Joint estimation + f0 tracking
ZR-07 [7]   Signal processing
ZR-08 [55]   Signal processing
  1. The presented methods are indicated in bold.