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Table 1 Image-based rendering evaluation

From: Layer-based sparse representation of multiview images

Dataset Proposed method (dB) Stereo (dB)[32] EPI analysis (dB)[33]
Dwarves EPI [28] 27.08 26.24 19.56
Lobby EPI [34] 17.65 17.21 11.69
Desk light field [34] 25.57 25.46 19.79
Animal farm EPI [34] 23.04 17.47 19.02
  1. The proposed layer-based representation is compared to a state-of-the-art stereo matching algorithm [32] and an EPI tubes extraction method [33]. The results are obtained using the leave-one-out scenario. In this case the odd images are removed and then synthesised using the available data. The image fidelity is expressed in terms of SNR, which is evaluated in terms of the ground truth and the rendered image. The bold values indicate the results with the highest SNR.